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Who is ExcelSuperSite for?


ExcelSuperSite is ideal for beginners to intermediate to early advanced Microsoft Excel users who wish to feel part of a community where they can learn and share practical, down-to-earth tips, tricks and advice with like minded souls. Prepare to become your local Excel “expert”!


How ExcelSuperSite help you?


If you have heard that Excel can make your “life” easier or you know that there “just has to be a better way of doing this”, if you are “tired of working for your spreadsheets” and not having them work for you, if you have seen others produce reports or graphs or analysis and want to know “how do they do that?”, if you have attended a course and only been taught generics that don’t actually help you out in your “real working life”, if you want to impress your boss/colleagues/clients, if you are confused and don’t know where to turn… You are in luck. We are here to help you.

What is inside?


New content is always being added. Whenever any of our ExcelSuperSite team develop new material anywhere in the world you can be sure a copy will be added inside our private members area soon after.

You will gain immediate access to:

– All spreadsheet templates and sample spreadsheet files
– PDF transcripts of all articles published on the site

Most importantly, you are able to ask as many questions as you like inside the community and the ExcelSuperSite team + other members will answer them for you. Never be stuck with a virtual roadblock again…


Why join?


Why not join? Basic membership to our community is 100% free with no obligations.

Being part of a community speeds up your learning process and provides you the support you need to get results much faster than going it alone. If you have never been a part of an internet forum then ExcelSuperSite will impress you with content and the quality of our members.

As soon as you join our community, you will have immediate access to view and download all content in the members only area. None of our content is ‘drip fed’, you get everything straight away. This way you will be on the fast track to fantastic results.

Who are ExcelSuperSite?


ExcelSuperSite was founded by Brian Krisanski, an Excel specialist with more than 20+ years of hands on experience working with and developing custom solutions for clients and the companies he has worked for. ExcelSuperSite was originally created, purely as a way of keeping track of and recording the myriad of tips, tricks and down-to-earth practical advice Brian came across or developed while customising, quite literally, hundreds of spreadsheet solutions. Brian wanted one place that he could place all of his top information for easy access, if and when he needed it in the future.