Battleship Spreadsheet


A printable Micrososft Excel spreadsheet version of the classic game – BATTLESHIP.

A game for two players where you try to guess the location of your opponents fleet. The first person to correctly guess all locations and sink your opponents ships, wins!!!

A classic game that is fun for all ages.

“NO BATTERIES” required.

Great for a rainy day.

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Template Instructions
How to Play Battleship

Battleship is a game for two players where you try to guess the location of five ships your opponent has hidden on a grid. Players take turns calling out a row and column, attempting to find a square containing enemy ships.

Players:2 players.
Goal:To sink all of your opponent’s ships by correctly guessing their location.
Setup:Each player has a pencil and paper and a playing board made up of 2 grids.

Secretly place your ships on the top grid marked as “MY FLEET”.

Each ship must be placed horizontally or vertically (not diagonally) across grid and can not hang over the grid. Ships can touch each other, but can’t both be on the same space.

Each players fleet will consist of:

  • 1 x Aircraft Carrier (5 spaces)
  • 1 x Battleship (4 spaces)
  • 1 x Destroyer (3 spaces)
  • 1 x Submarine (3 spaces)
  • 1 x Cruiser (2 spaces)

Play:Players take turns firing one (1) shot to attack enemy ships.

On your turn, call out a letter and a number of a row and column on the grid.

Your opponent checks that space on their top grid, and says “miss” if there are no ships at that location, or “hit” if you guessed a space that contained a ship.

Mark your shots on your lower grid (“ENEMY FLEET” grid) to keep track of your guesses. Use a slash (“/”) to mark misses and a cross (“X”) to mark hits.

When one of your ships is hit by your opponent, put a cross (“X”) on that ship in your top grid at the location of the hit. Whenever one of your ships has every space filled with hits, you must announce to your opponent that they have sunk your ship.

Victory:The first player to sink all of your opponents ships wins.
Salvo Variant:To speed up the game, you can try playing a Salvo variant where you get to fire multiple shots per turn.

On your turn, you get to take one shot per ship you have remaining in your fleet (ships that have not been sunk).

Once you have announced all of your shots (five, at the very beginning of the game), your opponent tells you which ones were hits.

Whenever one of your ships have been sunk, cross out a “SALVO” bomb to keep track of how many shots you have remaining for your next turn./div>

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