Funny Awards

Funny Awards

At every workplace, office,or place of business, it is necessary to recognise staff/employees for all their efforts throughout the year.

That is where the Funny Awards come in to play.

These funny awards will bring a sense of fun and recognition for your staff at your next get together or end of year celebration and will help bring your team together.

This pack contains 75 individual Funny Awards PLUS a BLANK template so you can come up with your own.

Each award have can have multiple meanings, making them perfect for any staff member/employee, office party, organisation, workplace or type of business.

Simply click the “Download my Template” button and then click “BUY NOW” below to instantly download the Funny Awards Certificates.

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Microsoft Excel® 2007 +
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Need further customisation?

Would you like to have these Awards further customised to meet your requirements – no problem at all.

Simply contact us today with what you would like done and we’ll jump right onto it for you.

Funny Award Instructions
How to use my Funny Award CertificatesThe funny award certificates in this collection are all set to print out on A4 paper.

You do not need special certificate paper to make them look nice. Regular paper will work fine, although you may want to
use a thicker stock paper or glossy stock to make the certificate look more professional and last longer.

You can print these award certificates on any regular inkjet or laser printer.

How to fill out and complete the award certificates. You can customise each award certificate by typing directly into the Excel spreadsheet. For a more personal touch you can also hand write on each award certificate after it has been printed.
How to sign and date the award certificates. To sign and date the award certificates, simply click on the relevant lines in the Excel spreadsheet and type your information.
How to print the file remotely. Printing these certificates in color will definitely make them look more professional. If you do not have a color printer, save the PDF to a thumb drive and take the file to a local copy shop or office supply store with a color printer.
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